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Yoga Dinner Plates (quirky things!)

[ 8 ] July 25, 2012 |

yoga plates dishes dinnerware art

Yogic dishes — they do exist! The way to bow to the divine in your peas, potatoes, or salad? Or does this particular use of asana leave a bad aftertaste in your mouth? Perhaps they could be honored by display, a la Royal Copenhagen or Norman Rockwell style.

I’ll wager that the gentleman being forked whilst in plank pose would make for interesting conversation at a highbrow dinner party:

planking plate plank pose guy

The first plate below is lovely — my pretty pick for a yoga potluck:

yoga art plate asana art dishes

Crow pose and yoni mudra. Definitely quirktastic:

funny yoga cups plates dishes


Share your thoughts — will you have second helpings or simply pass?

Yoga Dinner Plates (quirky things!):

1. lotus plate - corbis // 2. natarajasana plate - pro photo // 3. planking plate - pseudo hypothesis // 4. crescent plate - dry goods // 5. yoga class plate - pro photo // 6. crow plate - pro photo // 7. yoni mudra plate - globetrotters



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Comments (8)

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  1. Svasti says:

    That is definitely one for the “no thank you” pile… eww.

  2. rere says:

    I’m thinking about what food I’d place where. Like a potato underneath, well nm :)

  3. laura says:

    I’m drawn to all things black and white, so of course I’d love the yoni mudra plate. It’s cute.

    • lo says:

      i kind of dig it. my first thought was, “oh my heavens.” and then i had to appreciate the graphic starkness. it’s rather hip. ;)

  4. lisa says:

    I love your “quirky” sense of humor! Thanks for the laughs.