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Yoga-Inspired Nail Polish (beauty collection)

[ 18 ] August 3, 2012 |

sparitual zoya misa models own vegan nail polish

Oftentimes our drishti, or point of focus, is our hands (typing, texting, writing, gesturing, yoga) or feet (beaching, relaxing, yoga, admiring how cute your shoes are). Why not paint a few vibrant strokes of color into your world — with especially fitting yoga nail polish names!

Ever since I was little, I’ve always had colorful toes. Insisted upon it. I should probably let them run scandalously naked like Lady Godiva every now and then, but I LOVE that pretty pop of color!

Every polish in this yoga-inspired collection is vegan, big 3 chemical-free, and cruelty-free. Ahimsa, ahimsa, ahimsa. Pretty/handsome nail color for the yoginis AND the yogis (dig it when guys rock lacquer!):

  1. “lotus” - zoya
  2. “strike a pose” – sparitual
  3. “deep breath” - misa cosmetics
  4. “sun salutation” – sparitual
  5. “pray” – models own
  6. “meditate on this” – sparitual


Do you see a color that feels like you? Which one?



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Comments (18)

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  1. keishua says:

    fun!! I particularly love the last one-mediate on this. love purple(ish) nail polish. Must paint my nails soon.

    • lo says:

      yes! the name has a sassy feel to it. ;) with you on purp. i’ve been wearing a deep, luscious shade on my nails lately.

  2. Patrick says:

    In class I notice yoginis with colorful nails and think it is extremely cute, creative and feels like she cares about herself.

    Matching polish and mat color or mat complimentary polish color is great (:

    I am not sure about white nails for yogis let alone color, maybe earth color or black…mhm… I am not enlightened enough to pull nail polish off ;P

    • lo says:

      ok, how cute is it that you admire colorful nails?! love that. :D i think you could easily pull off painted toes. send me a pic when you give it a test run!

  3. Oh, those are luscious! And painted toes are a good drishti in shoulder stand if you like to leave your eyes open :)


  4. Sarah says:

    That Zoya Lotus polish is the same color as my mat, so I’m going to assume it was inspired by me. ;) (Also: I love rocking Zoya polish painted purple toes. They make for excellent drishti!)

  5. ntathu allen says:

    Definitely a “strike a pose” kind of girl!! Love how you weave yoga and fashion..and keep it totally you and true.

  6. Sparkles! I have a mild obsession with painting my toenails since people see them up close every day…
    I think I need some new colours now.

    • lo says:

      you know, you can grab regular glitter and paint it on with clear polish. i’ve been thinking about picking up martha stewart’s glitter collection (a million awesome sparkly containers!!!) and using it for my nails. you should check it out! :D

  7. Tui says:

    Wonderful! I’d wear pink in my toes and the rest on my nails this fall! I need colourful toes!

  8. roseanne says:

    i’m charmed! today i blogged about essie’s weird new “yoga-themed” collection, and it got me wondering about non-toxic, earth-friendly polish (“yoga-inspired”!). so i googled “yogi nail polish” and it brought me here. of course you’d know the good stylish shit!

    love the “strike a pose” ~ always a fan of the hot pink. fun stuff!

  9. rebecca says:

    O-P-I has a new line that’s all yoga- saw it in the Duane Reade the other day- will go back and send you a pic if it’s still there!