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Yoga Mat Soulmate = The Mat by Lululemon (have it + love it!)

[ 9 ] June 22, 2012 |

lululemon yoga mat review

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was feeling gloomy, grouchy, and grumpy. Fortuitously, a mysterious package arrived in the mail. The girl carefully unwrapped the contents and unfurled the cushy sky blue rubber. There it sat for three days, perfectly poised and positioned on her library floor, waiting patiently. On the fourth day, she couldn’t resist any longer. The girl was compelled to put her toes on the ocean-colored mat and surf the waves of Sun Salutations.

lululemon review the mat review

Ahhhh. Home.

This yoga mat, The Mat from lululemon, has reignited my home practice. Quelle surprise! I truly didn’t expect to fall in love. I have two beloved mats that have taken excellent care of me, but this particular magic carpet combines the best of both worlds:

  1. use both sides - one is wonderfully sticky (amazing for a strong flow, long holds, and anything else you throw at it), the other is cushiony (perfect for restoratives and meditation).
  2. serious grounding power – the sticky side holds you down like nobody’s business.
  3. cushy like clouds – i’ve literally never felt anything as comfy as this. bony joints, hurty bits, and go-easy-on-me anatomy gets full feel-good support.
  4. easy breezy to clean – a few swipes of a damp towel is all it takes.
  5. anti-microbial – makes this germaphobe very happy.
  6. soothing, non-distracting color choices – sky blue, gray, lavender, avocado, and black.
  7. long + wide: 71″ x 26″ – provides all the room you need to flow, play, be present.
  8. totable – weighty enough to be effective, but not so heavy you need bodybuilder assistance.
  9. quirk – that one rounded corner makes me smile. a dash of whimsy = goodness.
lululemon the mat

Other yogis and yoginis (I’ve done my reviews research) seem to have had issues with staining and the smell of the rubber. Mine has manifested no stains so far and I’ve given it some serious action. I don’t find the rubbery smell off-putting and it fades over time.

I see it on my floor and my heart palpitates. I literally become giddy with the thought of an impending practice. This is a special kind of magic.

We, mat and I, are living happily ever after. Natch.


the mat, by lululemon (c/o). women’s mat // men’s mat. namastilo does not accept paid reviews. all commentary is honest, heartfelt, + legit. pinky swear.


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  1. Lizzie says:

    So this is the mat not the UN mat, right? I’m in love with the sky blue color and want to feel like i’m doing yoga on the ocean ;) This momma wants to try out the squishy comfort of a new yoga mat!

    • lo says:

      Correct! Hook it up, girl. I promise you’ll love it.

      • Anna says:

        Be careful buying light colours. I bought the lavender and it stains so easily. A lot of people have this problem too. Sad face cause I love the mat otherwise!

        • lo says:

          I heard that about the lavender. I’m wondering if it’s the acidity of sweat that bleaches the mat or if, perhaps, the mat-users are wearing lotion and that causes the discoloration. Your thoughts?

          Thanks for the feedback, miss! :)

  2. I have it too, and I love it too!

    I have an UNmat for travel as well. Best (and longest-lasting) yoga mats I’ve ever owned…

    • lo says:

      Ah! I didn’t expect it to be so utterly awesome! What a brilliant surprise. I’m in LOVE with this mat. Seriously. Good to hear that yours has held up over time. :D

  3. keishua says:

    i’m intrigued. sounds awesome. now i need another excuse to get another yoga mat. le sigh.

  4. Rachel says:

    Which color is this?