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HOW TO: Yoga Mat Welcome Mat (recycle your yoga mat!)

[ 12 ] September 26, 2012 |

door mat diy yoga mat recycle
diy doormat made with a yoga mat

Howdy, make yourself at home! Do come in for a spot of tea. Bonjour mon ami — stay a while! However you’d like to say it, a warm and welcoming welcome mat is a neat addition to your front porch. You can make an effortlessly cool one AND recycle your old yoga mat in the process. Behold! Yoga mat —> Door mat.

diy supplies for welcome mat

You’ll Need:

  • yoga mat (washed + dried thoroughly)
  • chipboard alphabet (mine is from kaisercraft/k & c company, purchased @ michael’s. i believe this set is a match typeface-wise. a search for “chipboard alphabet” will give you many options! tip: you can also use alphabet stickers or stencils.)
  • spray paint (i used krylon short cuts in flat white)
  • paper
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • highlighter (tip: yellow shows up well on dark colors)

How To Make a Welcome Mat With a Yoga Mat:

diy doormat draw cutting guideline

1. Your yoga mat is likely already the perfect width — this means one-step cutting! Determine how tall you’d like your door mat to be. (Mine is 24″ W x 15″ H.) Measure and draw a straight line across the mat with your highlighter + ruler. Now cut cleanly across the line.

lay out chipboard letters

2. Come up with your very own welcome message. “Namaste a while” popped into my head and felt right. :) (Technically, it should be “awhile,” but I’ve never liked this rule. I always use “a while.” Boom!) Lay out your letters. You can use adhesive ones or not. (I didn’t and mine were heavy enough to stay put and weather a spray paint shower.)

spray paint welcome mat

3. Spray in spurts at 12 – 18″ above the letters. If you’ve used non-adhesive letters, be sure to always stay on TOP of the letters, not at an angle — the paint will sneak under the chipboard.

diy welcome mat personalized

By staying further away, you’ll achieve the soft, cloud-like effect that I did.

yoga door mat chocolate white

Super short-duration sprays make for cool dot-spatter effects.

4. Now, you can either let it dry for 24-48 hours (check the directions on your spray paint can) OR…you can be giddily impatient (like me) and pull them off CAREFULLY right away! After the fun part, make sure you allow it to dry completely. Voila:

yoga mat door mat how to

Isn’t it amazing how an old yoga mat can be given lovely new life?! I adore mine so much — it’s almost too pretty for feet.

If you dug this How To, please share it! :)

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Comments (12)

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  1. So says:

    I LOVE this one! Clever, cute and easy to make! Thanks, Lo! :-)

  2. Svasti says:

    You so smart, you so pretty! Clever work, Lo xx

  3. Charlotte says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this :) Am pinning it now! Hope you’re having a great week and so happy you posted this to Twitter so I could find it.


  4. Brilliant Lo! Sorry I haven’t commented before. I absolutely love all of your posts! It’s been awhile since we connected. This is a great idea, I shared it on fb! xo

  5. anne says:

    I tried this out and love the end result. However, it is super sticky!!! I was wondering if there was anything I could do to make it non-sticky…


    • lo says:

      anne! hooray! so excited that you tried it out. :D

      a few suggestions for dealing with the extra stickiness:

      1. a coating of matte mod podge might work, but i haven’t tested this theory. another option: matte spray paint. i’m hesitant on this option, as well. i love using spray paint, but less toxins = best.

      *** rather than treating the actual surface, i think it would be best to adhere the mat to whatever it rests on or to some sort of “helper.” this will hold it in place and the stickiness can work in your favor by grabbing all the grody things on feet! ***

      2. if it’s on your front porch, you should be able to use a few velcro stick-ons without issue (i.e., damage or sticky remnants left over on the cement when you decide to retire the mat).

      3. if the mat lives in your house, you can pick up some cleated backing (at home depot, home stores, etc.) to attach to it and grip it down on carpet.

      4. another idea would be to glue something heavy, yet thin to the backside (say, some old vinyl tiles or even another heavy mat you no longer use, cut down to size). again, you keep it in place, but benefit from the inherent stickiness.


      let me know what you decide on and how it works out! xo!