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HOW TO: Make a Jar Opener (recycle your yoga mat!)

[ 5 ] April 25, 2012 |

jar opener made from a yoga mat

There are a gazillion fab things you can do to recycle your old yoga mat — stay tuned and I’ll share ‘em all. Now, no matter how much you Chaturanga or Down Dog, sometimes you meet a pesky jar that you can’t muscle open. Even when you ask it nicely. Enter: the jar opener. And nothing makes a better one than a sticky mat. Give your old yoga mat a recycled second life as a new handy dandy kitchen tool!

recycle your yoga mat into a jar opener

supplies for making a jar opener out of an old yoga mat - recycle

You’ll Need:

How To Make a Jar Opener With a Yoga Mat:

trace a circle around your bowl

1. Using a soft pencil (wider spread and easier to see + wipe off), trace a circle around your bowl. I used a cereal bowl, as it was just the right size — slightly larger around than the largest jar you’ll be opening. Test it by placing the bowl over the jars you normally have around the house (pickles, etc.).

cut out your circle

2. Cut out your circle. Use super sharp scissors for a clean edge.

personalizing your jar opener

3. You could leave it plain, but what’s the fun in that?! Add a whimsical message. Mine makes me laugh and serves as a good reminder! As long as you don’t press too hard, you can move, re-move, and remove the vinyl letters if they aren’t perfect the first time. When you have everything where you want it, push down firmly. You can also place something heavy on top to set the letters.

eat your spinach jar opener made from a yoga mat

Voila! Recycled, grippy, AND cute. If you want to go a step further and change the color of the jar opener . . .

metallic gold yoga mat jar opener

4. Spray the top (i.e., decorative) side with paint. Let it dry according to the spray paint can’s directions. Give it a second coat and let it dry for at least 48 hours. Peel the letters off carefully to reveal the color pop beneath.

Happy jar-opening! xo

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  1. I am wondering if Namastilo could also figure out about making beer, er, um, soda can koozies from old yoga mats??? would love to see that DIY how to! and thanks for this- I used to have one of these a long time ago and am looking forward to having another now :)

  2. I saw this posted on Y is for Yogini facebook page and snort laughed. Why? Cause it’s awesome!!!! I need to make these for my peeps! Thanks for such a creative idea..And I think “eat your spinach” is quite fitting. Yup.

    • lo says:

      Stay tuned, hot mama. I have pages and pages of ideas for yoga mat makeovers, recycling how to’s, and too-cool-for-school upcycles! :D Make sure you send me a photo when you finish your jar opener!