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YOGASCOPES: March 2013 (your yoga horoscope)

[ 2 ] March 6, 2013 |

yogascopes ha sun tha moon hatha

This month: YIN + YANG. March’s split personality is half Pisces, half Aries. The month kicks off with heady Piscean energy — gentle, flowing, creative, spiritual. With Mercury in Retrograde until the 17th, your best course of action is to glide swimmingly along. Surrender. This is an important + helpful period of reflection. On the 11th, a new moon in Pisces. Looking inward and practicing thoughtfulness will prepare you for the second half of March and a dynamic shift to Aries energy.

Rams headbutt life. They’re action-oriented, direct, and pioneering. Welcome to the second half of March, where Aries becomes the dominant current! Dreaminess moves to dynamism. All the hopes + fantasies you indulged in earlier this month? Now you’re ready to fire ‘em up. On the 22nd, Mars = conjunct Uranus, and we’ll all need strong vinyasa flow to settle and channel the overload of restless, charging energy. Make sure you’re exercising on the regular. Keep your goals clear, head in check, and bask in your strength!

The 27th’s full moon in Libra brings with it the balance we need after such a black + white month. March’s end will be happy and harmonious. Ahhh.

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