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YOGASCOPES: June 2013 (your yoga horoscope)

[ 0 ] June 6, 2013 |

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Just like the twinsy sign it is connected to (Gemini), the June ahead of us has dual personalities. During the first half, it’s all about expansion, forward motion, and ACTION. Intellectual energy is high and although some of our brains are preoccupied with burgeoning summer, we’re positively progressing. The pinnacle of this one-pointed purposefulness arrives on the 23rd, with a Full Moon in Capricorn. Did you get the memo? It says, “Get organized. Structure your ambitions. Use this time for higher aspirations.”

June Part Deux finds us genuinely connecting with others, tapped in to our emotions, and feeling rather sensitive, thanks to Jupiter in Cancer. On the 26th, Mercury goes Retrograde (aww, snap!) in Cancer, too. Feeeelings. Nothing more than…feeeeelings. Fear not, popsicles. You can stay cool knowing this is actually a softer, subtler retrograde; it will be a period of reflection. Whether that means gazing at your bikini’d or bermuda shorts’d self in the pool water’s reflective surface or doing some actual deeper self reflection is up to you.

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