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YOGASCOPES: February 2013 (your yoga horoscope)

[ 2 ] February 4, 2013 |

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Ah, the month of LOVE — traditionally packed with blushy blooms, decadent dots of chocolate, and sensual seduction. In a humorous cosmic twist, our February is heartily influenced by the most sensitive sign: Pisces. The month begins with both Mars + Neptune in Pisces, with Mercury making it a fishy trio on the 5th. The heart-thumping result of all this Piscean energy? Transcendent, mystical, spiritual elevation.

Where last month found us rooting down and getting organized, the journey into February is a grand leap into the crown chakra. This is a time of higher consciousness and sensitivity. Creativity soars, so make certain you are channeling energy into your more artistic endeavors. And meditate, meditate, meditate! With Pisces as a dominant influence, it will be important to honor the sign’s natural flow and intuitive characteristics. On the 10th, a new moon in Aquarius will balance the esoteric with logic. From the 23rd of February on into March, Mercury peskily goes retrograde. Fortunately, February 25th’s full moon in Virgo brings us grounding, cleansing, clear energy, closing the month in a way that feels full-circle and just right.

Stay receptive this month! Set your infinite love free with creative, pure expression.

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  1. Woot! I like mine this month – I’m swinging into alpha mode!! Watch out world :)