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YOGASCOPES: April 2013 (your yoga horoscope)

[ 6 ] April 9, 2013 |

yogascopes ha sun tha moon hatha

This is the month to begin something new: a project, a business, a relationship. Plot your path, fire up your V12 engine, and the Zodiac’s own racy red Ferrari, Aries, will propel you forward in breathtaking fashion. During the first half of April, a whopping four bodies are in Aries (the sun, the moon, Venus, and Mars). The urge to create is undeniable. Can you feel it? This is a period of high energy, movement, ascension, and courage. The 10th’s new moon in Aries only enhances the itch to make, start, set in motion. SCRATCH IT. You must. When the planets align for creation, great things are born. You have big ideas to birth.

Physicality is strong when Aries is a dominant influence. Energetically, the Root Chakra takes center stage. Ground yourself fully and watch your energy shoot up from root to crown, making all things possible. Mid-month, Taurus marches in with bullish strength, organization, and perseverance. Perfect timing, perfect pairing. Taurus lends us the energy to carry out what we started with Aries’ influence. Aries is a champion at starting projects, while Taurus excels at seeing them through. On the 25th, a full moon in Scorpio, and it’s also an eclipse. Hold on to your pantaloons! Passion and intensity = off the charts.

Start NOW. You know what it is — it’s right there, presently tugging at your attention. Time to Actualize.

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  1. @mvltani says:

    feeling it!

  2. rere says:

    Question. What if my last two animal totems were a possum and a sleepy cat. And when I looked up I saw a half moon, mid month. What do Aries and Taurus think of that?

  3. rere says:

    Aries = Ram
    Taurus = Bull
    Aries + Taurus = Ramble

  4. rere says:

    I’m in need of Astrological navigation, you still there?