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Yoga Finger Puppets (quirky things!)

[ 8 ] September 24, 2012 |

ganesh shiva gandhi yoga finger puppets dolls

Bedevilingly bored? Lamentingly lonely? Carpal tunnel creeping up on you? I have just the cure you’ve been longing for — yoga finger puppets! Fitted cozily upon your digits, these new friends provide a wealth of wisdom, scintillating conversation, and the constant reminder to follow your path and practice.

Meet Shiva, the Destroyer/Transformer and all-knowing yogi. Say Namaste to Ganesh, Remover of Obstacles and the deity of intellect + wisdom. Welcome Mahatma Gandhi — Karma yogi, leader of Indian nationalism, peace advocate, and civil rights champion.

If you intend to do any thumb wrestling, Shiva’s your man. Ganesh goes on your index finger, he will point you in the right direction, always. Gandhi rests peacefully on your pinky, bringing balance to your entire hand.

These little guys are 4 for $20. If you were to pick a fourth puppet pal to spice things up, who would you pick? For me: the Cheshire Cat or Sherlock Holmes — twerk the quirk!


Yoga Finger Puppets (quirky things!):

1. shiva finger puppet // 2. ganesh finger puppet // 3. gandhi finger puppet. all available at: the unemployed philosophers guild.



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  1. ntathu allen says:

    I love your innovative and totally original straight from the heart yoga style…this is a great idea and I just noticed the yoga duvet cover..ohhloaaa Keep shining hunny. You rock. OM Namah Sivaya

  2. Sarah says:

    Darn you, now I want to play with finger puppets! I hope we’re both turned into finger puppets some day… :P

  3. I was hoping for Hanuman but I think I’d opt for Andy Warhol or Alice in Wonderland…


  4. Sondra Lawrence says:

    Those are adorable! I think Hanuman would be great as well, there is some serious detail to those little puppets.