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Thunderbird Yoga Blanket (have it + love it!)

[ 4 ] October 1, 2012 |

have it love it thunderbird yoga blanket

best yoga blanket

Remember how your blankie went everywhere with you as a kid? Your yoga blanket is the grown-up version. It can help you with ouches and hurties, while giving you the loving support your imaginary friend used to (or perhaps still does). Every good yogic toolkit should have at least two! If you have a loooong neck (I do + require 2-3 blankets for Sarvangasana/Shoulderstand) or need extra cushion, three or four may be just what the guru ordered.

The Thunderbird Yoga Blanket from Yoga Accessories is my fave. Here’s why:

  1. holds its shape well – thick knit, tight loops, + built for longevity
  2. itch factor = 0 
  3. folds crisply – key for my fellow perfectionistic types
  4. easy to care for – wash normally, tumble dry low
  5. comes in a rainbow array of colors – bolds, pastels, + neutrals
  6. generous size – 78″ x 54″
  7. the price is right – $23.50 each (discounted at certain quantities)
  8. tassels – do i really need to explain why tassels are awesome?!

cotton yoga blanket tassels pink green blue brown

The beautiful Thunderbird accents are the cherry on top. They remind me to bring strength and grace into every practice.

Do you have a yoga blankie?



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  1. OmChantress says:

    For some reason at the studio where I used to practice, no one liked these blankets. Everyone preferred the gray woolie ones. The mexican blankets are way more colorful and happy inducing! I have purple ones.

    • lo says:

      that’s surprising! i have a strong distaste for wool — makes me itch like crazy.

      agreed, these are SO much prettier. :D i like to sling them over chairs or the couches — livens them up!