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Yoga Poses Duvet Cover (quirky things!)

[ 6 ] June 4, 2012 |

yoga quilt duvet cover comforter

Does Sanskrit tie your tongue in knots? Currently in yoga teacher training and learning the asanas? Want to yoga via osmosis? The “Spiritual Journey” duvet has you covered — literally and figuratively. It’s the perfect savasana blanket. And the quirky novelty will tickle your funny bone.

When I stumbled across this bright orange gem, I knew I had to share it with you. Sure, it’s a little loud and not exactly fit for a posh boudoir, but if you are a busy buzzing daytime bee, this just might be the way to yoga in your sleep. And if you’re having trouble dozing off, there’s always the option of counting poses — no sheep, but lots of camels, cats, cows, and cobras!

What do you think? Too kooky for your casa…or just cheeky enough?


Yoga Poses Duvet Cover (quirky things!):

spiritual journey yoga comforter cover set - overstock



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  1. Its kooky and cheeky…I think the orange would keep me awake but I love this! But being orange, color of the flowy chakra 2, is perfect for keeping life interesting in the boudoir…but that’s another post, if ya know what I’m sayin’ ;p

  2. LOVE THIS!Maybe if I got this I would finally memorize all of the sanskrit names for poses ;)

    • lo says:

      lol! perf for the TT student and those needing a brush-up. i’m thinking this is how they should market it. ;)

  3. Tui says:

    I.need.this!!! Awesome!