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What’s in Your Yoga Bag? with Kia Miller

[ 20 ] April 23, 2012 |

yoga style kia miller yoga bagembroidered yoga bag satchel purse handbag

Luminous. This is Kia Miller in a singular word. Everyone who meets her sees and feels it. She brings this vibrant energy to everything she does, which includes teaching Kundalini and Vinyasa Flow at YogaWorks in LA and yoga events worldwide.

Although we’ve been friends for what seems like a lifetime, I’ve never had any good excuse to (delicately) paw through her yoga bag…that is, until now! Recently, we plunked ourselves down in a favorite sunny park in Venice, where I reverently opened Kia’s treasure trove of a satchel, uncovering a few of the secrets to her luminosity. Unveil!

mala yogi tea chlorella lipgloss organic chocolate lavender oil beauty rush

The beautifully embroidered bag was a gift from her husband, yoga teacher and Tadasana Festival co-founder Tommy Rosen. Kia is a lip balm fanatic (she’s human, after all), carrying no less than four different flavors. The little personal touches that caught my eye were the lovingly worn mala, a dogeared kundalini book, and Ganesh, who safeguards her iPhone and twinkly class playlists. Also — chocolate! As we sat, she nommed on a Keen-Wah Chocolate Chia Bar and looked a bit sheepish about all the lip gloss tubes. I reassured her not to worry — they are well-balanced by the yoga book and hybrid keys. :)

What’s in Your Yoga Bag with Kia Miller:

bag. embroidered satchel - temple tea // 1. tadasana festival fliers // 2. metallic heart wallet – marks & spencer // 3. chlorella green algae superfood tablets – sun chlorella // 4. shakti fest fliers // 5. lavender shea hand cream – andalou naturals // 6. midwest yoga conference fliers // 7. pure lavender essential oil – floracopeia // 8. chai rooibos tea – yogi tea // 9. purple ink pen – uniball // 10. carnelian mala necklace for abundance – tiny devotions // 11. ganesh iphone case – speck // 12. fair trade almond dark chocolate – alter eco // 13. lip glosses + balms: glisten lipgloss – jouer // supple rose lip balm – aura cacia // hemp lip tint in kiss – colorganics // beauty rush lip gloss in more mimosa – victoria’s secret // 14. kundalini: the mother power – sri chinmoy // 15. keys to kia’s hybrid // 16. beaded om necklace

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  1. LOVE the Ganesha iPhone case. Did she custom make it or order it somewhere?

    I too have four brands of lip balm in my bag ;-)

    love the new site lady, congrats!

  2. babs says:

    The site is beautiful and FUN! Yay!

  3. keishua says:

    love the new site. it’s sooooo fun.

  4. A Yoga gal that carries chocolate & lip balm at all times – definitely my kinda gal :)

    P.S. Congrats on the new site – it is super-swank! :D <3

    • lo says:

      when you come visit, i will bring you with me to one of Kia’s classes — she’s simply amazing. ;) we’ll make you want to stay in LA forever!

  5. Must confess…I have 3 lipsticks & 2 lip glosses. Plus mascara, eyeliner, and concealer. And I wish I had that chocolate bar ;~}

  6. Elise says:

    That is my favorite chocolate!! Alter Eco Keen wah! Love to look inside the BAG. Doesn’t she have any scribbles or old receipts??

    • lo says:

      girl, you always have the inside nom scoop! i will have to give it a whirl.

      excellent question re: scribbles/receipts. kia is pretty masterful at keeping things simple and organized. she did give me a wad of gum to hold, though. j/k!

  7. YogiCrystal says:

    Love the iphone case! They always get the best cases :)

    Definitely craving that chocolate bar and the tea right now. Love it!

  8. so in love with the ganesha phone case. diggin’ the carnelian mala, too. Thanks for sharing! love the new site, too ;) Can’t wait to see the new goodies!

  9. Love, love the new site!!! And all the goodies in a yoga bag!!! What a great idea! Subscribing!