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Wedding Yoga (quirky things!)

[ 8 ] August 10, 2012 |

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Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something … yoga.

I love the fun and connected spirit of these nuptial asanas — wedding yoga! To you and me, it makes perfect sense. To everyone else: delightfully quirky, perhaps. The translation of yoga is “yoke.” To join together. To unite. It fits right in. The first couple bowls me over with their cuteness and the last shot is simply stunning. The lovely gentleman in #4 is a yoga teacher.

Will your wedding include Bakasana Bouquets, a just-married Sun Salutation, or non-traditional Yoga Mat Confetti throwing? If you’re already hitched and could travel back in time to that day, would you add a little yoga spice?


Wedding Yoga:

photo credits: 1. art vision studio // 2. kelsey hannon + utah bride blog // 3. confetti bridal // 4. nicole caldwell studio // 5. garnick moore photographers



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  1. Patrick says:

    after long thought, yes, it’s a great idea!

    the first pictures here are great, sun salutations in the ceremony, sitting on the ground drinking tea, walking barefeet, groom and bride with bright nail polish ;D
    and some color like here

  2. rebecca says:

    LOL- yet another reason i’m thrilled to be past the bridesmaid stage of my life! ACK!

  3. I did yoga the day I married my beloved and we’re going on 8 strong years baby! Here’s to yoking with yoga ♥♥♥

    • lo says:

      You and your man are soulmates. Yoga makes us so much more clear — especially in seeing special connections. :)

  4. Tui says:

    I love these! I’m already married and I wasn’t practicing yoga when we got hitched, but if I got married now I think it would be wonderful to include something yogic to the wedding! I’m trying to get my husband to try yoga, but he claims he is too un-flexible and doesn’t want to even try…