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Spiritual hOMe: pillows (buddha! ganesh! kali!)

[ 4 ] March 13, 2013 |

ganesh pillow buddha pillow spiritual home pillows

Groove is in the heart, spirit is in the home. Also, throw pillows are f’ing awesome. I confess: I’m one of those crazy pillow people who put them everywhere. They’re fun, they sparkle up a room, and if you’re disco inferno-ing, you have a soft place to land when you tucker out. Bonus: pillows with special, spiritual meaning can serve as gentle reminders + sweet comfort. Shall we snuggle up?

Spiritual hOMe: pillows!

  1. Kali Goddess Pillow Cover – Jazzberry Blue // this is beyond cool. a brilliant interpretation. 18 x 18. ($30)
  2. Hamsa Hand Pillow – N and J Design // high fives all around for higher consciousness. comes in blue and green. ($18)
  3. Ganesha Color Pillow – Paucarpiel // gorgeously soothing. sure to make you smile + tap in to your inner wisdom. 18 x 18. ($24)
  4. Ganesh Pillow – Koko Company // bright + powerful. 22 x 22.
  5. Bird Wanna Whistle Buddha Throw Pillow – Deny Designs // i feel centered just looking at this pillow. many sizes. ($18 – 69)
  6. Eco-Friendly Buddha Pillow Cover – Wabisabi Green // water-based inks + recycled organic cotton. also comes in beige. 18 x 18. ($35)
  7. Breathe Pillow – Lava // just the reminder you needed to tap in to your breath. 20 x 20. ($40)
  8. Yoga Namaste Pillow – Zazzle // divine. 20 x 20. ($63.50)





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  1. So says:

    These look cOMfortable! :-) Nice collection!

  2. I want them all, although I do have one similar to 5, but I’d gladly take the rest. Awesome post here! Love it.

    and you Lo!

  3. Jennifer says:

    OMg….gonna need at least one of these! PINNED that right up! Thanks for sharing…my home is nearly an ashram as my hubs says. Sweet!

  4. keishua says:

    i really like number 6. maybe…a midyear self present? lol. we shall see.