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GIVEAWAY: Satya Jewelry (men’s bracelet + women’s necklace!)

[ 57 ] July 27, 2012 |

yoga jewelry mens bracelet womens necklace

yoga jewelry ganesh om tree charms

My love affair with Satya Jewelry began when a sweet friend birthday-gifted me a pair of their stunning filigree earrings. Just one look was all it took: I was a smitten kitten. Their style is the epitome of effortless elegance. Each piece carries special meaning — they course with the energy of spirit and the power of choice. I love that they make inspiring jewelry for both women and men! Satya is Sanskrit for truth and Satya Jewelry’s purpose is to “celebrate the adventures of lives lived fearlessly.”

Another reason to love Satya Jewelry: they are passionate givers. Their non-profit Satya Foundation has raised over $1M for grassroots children’s organizations. Beautiful. Brilliant.

Together, we’d like to gift something to you! We are giving away their Quest for Truth Necklace and Gray Ganesha Men’s Bracelet to one lucky yogini and one lucky yogi.

citrine smoky topaz gold charm necklace

hindu jewelry yoga bracelet ganesh


  1. Post a comment with the answer to this question: What is your Satya (Truth)?
  2. Note in your comment which entry actions you’ve taken AND which item (Ganesha Bracelet or Quest for Truth Necklace) you are entering to win.
  3. / bonus entry / Like Satya Jewelry on Facebook
  4. / bonus entry / Like Namastilo on Facebook
  5. / bonus entry / Sign up for Satya Jewelry’s Newsletter
  6. / bonus entry / Subscribe to Namastilo via Email
  7. / bonus entry / Tweet this giveaway, mentioning @Namastilo and @SatyaJewelry


  1. Contest is open to ALL, worldwide!
  2. Contest closes Monday, August 6th at 11:59pm PST.
  3. Two winners will be chosen at random and notified within the comments section and via email.


Good Luck + Lots of Love!



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Comments (57)

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  1. Tui says:

    My Satya is love. I want to live in love, not in fear.

    If I win (and I plan to! ;)), I’d like to have the Quest for Truth Necklace).

    For bonus entrys, I’ve done 6 and 7. :)

  2. Patrick says:

    I like to make people smile it feels like a honest and true expression. Smiles are my truth.

    I subscribed to both your newsletters. And am about to tweet the giveaway.

    Ganesha Bracelet would be hip.

  3. Kristi says:

    My satya is to love and be loved. And to grow spiritually through my yoga practice.

    I am already signed up for your emails so I don’t know if that counts as an extra entry. I also did # 3 and #4 above.

    I would love the Quest for Truth Necklace.

    Thanks for your cool newsletters!

  4. Veronica says:

    My satya is bravery, accepting that sometimes you have to take chances with words and forgiveness in people, but never be afraid to love. I wear my heart on my sleeve and that is okay!

    Both items are beautiful and would be grateful for either.

    I have liked both Facebook pages, have been a subscriber of to the namastilo emails & tweeted the contest.. @veronicaraye


  5. Rev. E. says:

    My Satya is that each of us knows a piece of the truth. People want to feel heard, seen, and accepted for the truth that they bring to the world.

  6. betsy h says:

    My truth is my sobriety. One day a time, one moment at a time, I have recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body.

    3,4,6,7 for bonus entries.

  7. Kim Johnson says:

    Yoga is my baby. Im responsible for being a good yogini and sending yoga out into the world to make a difference. This is my Satya.
    However, I don’t know what this makes my yoga students,,,,or my real kids!

    I did 3 & 5 for bonus entries. Already down with 4 & 6.

    Would be happy to wear the lovely necklace!

  8. My Satya is that being smart and funny and nice do not have to be mutually exclusive. Oh, and that I have a raging addiction to chips and salsa ;-).

    I love the both and you know I follow all your shizzle and that of Satya too. xoxoxo

  9. Lindsay says:

    Good question. My Satya has made itself very present lately. The Good: I have realized that my real purpose as a yoga teacher is to help ease suffering. This was such a beautiful and simple realization. The Ugly Truth: I have an ego. I am flawed. I make mistakes.

    I would love to win the Quest for Truth necklace (but the Ganesh bracelet would be a nice gift for my beloved).

    I have liked both FB pages. Thanks for the chance!!

  10. Eugenie says:

    My Satya is to accept people and things as they are.
    I would like the Quest for Truth Necklace.
    Bonus entries: 3 & 7

  11. Roya says:

    My satya is non-judgement, which enables me to love all and in turn love myself.

    I’m entering for the Quest for Truth necklace.

    bonus: 3,4,5,6

  12. Deborah says:

    My satya is ahimsa.
    I would like the Quest for Truth Necklace.

    Thank you for this wonderful give-away. I have always loved how beautiful Satya jewelry is!

  13. va says:

    I like the quest for truth necklace .
    My satya is the love of my husband and being able to worship God Allah , at any time that I wish . Happy Ramadan .

    tumblemumbo at gmail dot com
    thanks for making this intl.

  14. va says:

    liked satya and namastilo on fb / ana amanti

  15. Jess says:

    My satya is to care for myself in a thoughtful and honest way, and to use the power of the word as an agent of healing and fostering community.

    I’m really diggin’ that Ganesha bracelet.
    Numbers 4 and 6, taken care of.

  16. Tammy May says:

    My Satya is that EVERYONE deserves LOVE and RESPECT! I have done 3,4,5,6. I love the Quest for Truth necklace!!

  17. Colleen says:

    My Satya is hope. Hope for the best in life, the good in others, and belief that all people want to be and do good in this world. Given the chance they will amaze me and us all!

    like both on FB, Signed up for Satya Jewelry’s Newsletter, subscribe to Namastilo via Email, and tweeted

    Quest for Truth Necklace

  18. Rebecca says:

    My satya is forgiveness. I need to forgive myself and others for the past. Acceptance of all – present, past and future is my goal. Some dragons are never meant to be caught.
    I would love the Quest for Truth necklace.
    Have completed steps 1-7.
    Thank you!

  19. Kris says:

    My satya is LOVE.. I don’t believe love conquers all.. But I do believe that it can heal many wounds. If we all gave our love away, not to just each other, but in all of our daily actions, instead of withholding love, I believe many of the worlds problems could be resolved.

    “A bell is no bell ’til you ring it,
    A song is no song ’til you sing it,
    And love in your heart
    Wasn’t put there to stay -
    Love isn’t love
    ‘Til you give it away.
    ~Oscar Hammerstein, Sound of Music, “You Are Sixteen (Reprise)”

    I already liked Satya Jewelry on Facebook
    I liked Namastilo on Facebook
    I signed up for Satya Jewelry’s Newsletter
    I subscribed to Namastilo via Email

    I love the Quest for Truth Necklace.. I think that is what many of us are working towards in our lives.

    Thank-you. Sai Ram

  20. Nicole Marie says:

    My satya is being true to who I am and encouraging others as I teach yoga and live life to do the same.
    I’d live the quest for truth necklace.
    I’ve completed steps 1-7.

  21. Lauren R says:

    Satya is a very powerful word that has many meanings and connections to my life.
    I have a VERY strong connection to Satya Jewelry and was brought to tears the first time I saw the line. A few years ago I looked after 3 children who had just lost their mother, the youngest was 17 months old and his name is Satya, I was with him every day while his brother and sister were in school and love them all as if they were my own. Satya was 3 days old when he lost his mom and will never know the beautiful woman she was. I have a VERY special place in my heart of this beautiful little guy and now I get to have his name around my neck and on my wrists every day. My friend bought me my first Satya piece for my birthday because she was there with me in the store when I discovered the beautiful collection of jewels.

    I remind myself on a daily basis to be truthful in all aspects of life and my Satya necklace and bracelets are a constant reminder to stay true.

    I am entering to win the truth necklace.
    I have liked Satya on Facebook, receive the newsletters and also tweeted with a mention to both namastilo and satyajewelry

  22. Cynthia says:

    My truth is that I Am Love, and I am never alone. Divine presence and grace is all around me and in me.

    If I am fortunate enough to win,
    I would enjoy the women’s necklace.

    Thank you for this opportunity, and for posing this important question for us pause and think about!

    • Cynthia says:

      I forgot to add with mine that I also took actions 1-6. I would tweet it as well, but I am not on Twitter :-)

  23. Mira says:

    My Satya is that we can create ANYTHING that we want in our lives–we have unlimited potential!

    I’m going to the Truth Necklace.

    I’ve done all the steps–1-7!


  24. Audra says:

    My truth is compassion – for others and for myself. I would like to be entered to win the bracelet, many thanks. I have liked both pages on Facebook.

  25. Kim says:

    My truth is trust.

    I like Satya jewelry on FB.
    I like Namastilo on FB.
    I subscribe to Satya’s newsletter.
    I signed up to receive Namastilo’s emails.
    I tweeted the giveaway- Twitter name shamrocksgal

    I would like the Quest for Truth necklace.

  26. Jen says:

    My Satya (Truth) is to be where I am. (and start wherever I am)

    I’ve taken all the entry actions (yeah!). I am manifesting the Ganesh bracelet! ;)

  27. linda-sama says:

    What is your Satya (Truth)? — my truth is to speak my truth with ahimsa.

    bonus entries were nos. 3 and 4.

  28. Khaleesi says:

    My satya is my unity and oneness with all.

    I like Satya jewelry on FB.
    I like Namastilo on FB.
    I subscribe to Satya’s newsletter.
    I signed up to receive Namastilo’s emails.

    I would like the Quest for Truth necklace

  29. Lisa the Kitten Williford says:

    My satya is to live the best, most authentic life I can – to be as caring and loving to my fellow beings as possible, even in face of challenges and obstacles . . . which is why I’m entering for the Ganesha bracelet (I can use all of the obstacle-clearing I can get!).

    I have completed all of the entry actions, except the final one (as I don’t tweet).


  30. Devacat says:

    My satya is to breathe through the pain until it opens to love. It’s a practice.
    I’ve done #1-6. I’m entering for the bracelet.

  31. Iffy Saeed Varano says:

    My Satya is my 11-month-old daughter Sofia. She is perfect. Her smile, the way she waves at everyone who walks by, the peaceful way she looks when she sleeps, and even when i am up in the middle of the night to feed her, i am able to find peace And love through the exhaustion. For my birthday, my husband bought me a Satya necklace with her birthstone (peridot) and the letter “s”. I wore it for a few weeks until Sofia pulled at it one day and it broke:( So, I am entering to win a quest
    For truth necklace to which I can add my truth.

    I am already a fan of satya on facebook
    And am subscribed to their emails and have now
    Done the same for namastillo. I do
    Have a twitter account.

  32. Colette says:

    To quote Shakespeare “This above all: To thine own self be true”. I would LOVE the Quest For Truth necklace! Thanks for the chance, namaste!

  33. Colette says:

    Bonus entry: liked Satya on FB

  34. Colette says:

    Bonus entry: subscribed to Satya newsletter

  35. Minna says:

    My Satya is this: “Because you are alive, everything is possible.”
    - Thich Nhat Hanh

    I, too, like Satya jewelry on FB.
    I, too, like Namastilo on FB.
    I, too, subscribe to Satya’s newsletter.
    I, too, signed up to receive Namastilo’s emails.

    I would like the Quest for Truth necklace

  36. Minna says:

    I, too like Satya jewelry on FB.
    I, too like Namastilo on FB.
    I, too subscribe to Satya’s newsletter.
    I, too signed up to receive Namastilo’s emails.

    I, too would like the Quest for Truth necklace

    But most importantly, my Satya:

    “Because you are alive, everything is possible.”
    - Thich Nhat Hanh

  37. Kares says:

    I am a devotional believer in Lord Shiva. This is my Satya. “Satyam Shivam Sundaram” – Truth is God, and God is eternally beautiful” This holy month of August is dedicated to Lord Shiva, where Hindu females, including myself sincerely fast and show their devotion to Lord Shiva in allowance to protect those around us. This is my Satya.

    3,4,5,7- Done!
    Quest for Truth.

    The jewelry driven by Satya, is phenomenal and truly an artwork of beautiful vision and spirit. Presents my culture very genuinely!

  38. tara says:

    My Satya: Live the life you love, love the life you live.

    Ganesha bracelet

    bonus: 3 4 5 6

  39. Hayley Oldfield says:

    My satya is mindfulness. Being not doing, loving kindness & acceptance of things as they are.
    I love the quest for truth necklace.
    Liked both Satya & Namastilio on Facebook :-)

  40. devani says:

    My Satya is joy, the joy I see in every moment, in just one day and with my seventeen month old daughter.

    I have completed bonus entries 1-6.

    I would love to win the Quest for Truth necklace.

    Thank you!

  41. My truth is to live each day to its fullest!? I have done entries 1 thru 6 and I would LOVE the Ganesha bracelet!

  42. Erin says:

    My truth is courage–standing up for what you believe. If I win, I’d like the Ganesha Bracelet.

    I’ve like Satya on FB and subscribed to their newsletter.

  43. So says:

    1. My Satya is compassion! :-)
    2. Ganesh is fresh! :-D
    3, 4, 5 and 6 have been smoothly executed, all digits – both upper and lower – have been crossed in eager anticipation, and breath has been bated! “So” there! :-)

  44. YogiCrystal says:

    My satya is love and needing to open up to it. I’ve been closed for too long and need to open my heart to the love around me.

    I <3 the Ganesha bracelet!

    I liked Satya Jewelry on Facebook
    I liked Namastilo on Facebook

    I retweeted your tweet!!
    And, wrote my own tweet! :) <3

  45. Kim says:

    My satya is grace. Seeking grace with every step, seeking grace in others, seeking grace within, searching for the grace within the chaos.

    I would like the Quest for Truth necklace- life is really or should be a quest for our truth.

    3,4,5 Done; 6 was already taken care of a long while ago; 7 I can’t log into my twitter right now.

  46. Leah says:

    My Satya is fearlessness. Whenever I’m afraid of something, I know that’s my cue to look inward and figure out what’s really going on. And when I get to the bottom of that fear, there is always a moment when I laugh…because I realize that there really isn’t much to be afraid of. Being fearless is my true self, and life is a process of rediscovering that true self again and again.

    Ganesha bracelet, please!
    I did #3, 4, 5, 6

  47. Suzanna says:

    My Satya is my body. It tells me, in subtle and in direct ways, when I am living my life as I should, when I am out of balance and when I need to reassess my choices.
    My Satya is always within me and I try to be in tune with it to give my best and to be my best.

    I would LOVE the Quest For Truth Necklace.

    I have also done steps 3, 4, 5 and 6 :-)

  48. Liz G. says:

    My truth is to show compassion to all living things. I have done items 1,3,4,5 and 6 to enter the contest and I would love to win the Quest for Truth necklace. Thanks.

  49. Tory N says:

    My children are my Satya, they are my teachers, reminding me of the importance of love, kindness, respect and patience whilst navigating the responsibilities that life brings, to remind me of this i named my eldest daughter Satya, thankyou sweetheart for all the challenges, each one has been an opportunity to evolve and grow together. Namasté

    • Tory N says:

      Definately the Satya necklace, i have long been a fan of Satya jewellery and now Namastilo, have done everything except tweet, will share on facebook. ♡

  50. Cára says:

    What is your Satya (Truth)?
    My truth is that exactly one year ago today I became a certified yoga teacher to help people with cancer after I lost both of my parents 4 years ago. I taught my first public class yesterday.
    I would be honored and humbled to wear the Satya necklace.

    I am going to do #3 & & 7 right now. Sat Nam

  51. Oh meeeeee! :) My Satya is fearlessness if I had to pick one. Still not even close to perfect at it but working on it.
    I would want the Quest for Truth necklace but if I was being unselfish I’d ask for the other for my guy. Maybe you should contact me if I win and I can decide how generous I feel at that time. :)
    I did bonus #3, #4, and #7.
    Love and kisses!

  52. lo says:

    We have winners — Patrick and Tui! CONGRATS! I’ll be emailing each of you to get your mailing information.

    To Everyone: Thank you so much for entering! Your responses were so beautiful and thoughtful — I am HONORED that they’ll live here forever. Stay tuned for the next awesome giveaway, it will be here before you know it. ;)


    P.S. in case you were curious or needed something to help you make decisions (lol) this is the random name-picker generator i like to use:

    it’s straight outta the 90s, but it works like a charm + it’s fun to use. :)