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What’s in Your Yoga Bag? with Rainbeau Mars

[ 10 ] May 23, 2012 |

Rainbeau Mars Manduka Yoga Yogitoes Hafiz Burt's Bees Prada

Like a pot of glittery gold under her namesake, Rainbeau is a wealth of generosity and invaluable health + yoga knowledge. Tell her casually that you’re having trouble sleeping or feeling icky lately and it becomes a priority — a problem that’s important to her to solve. She’s passionate about living in harmony in every aspect. Ask her what her spiritual inclinations are and she’ll say with a dimpled grin, “I am a Jesus-loving Hinjew Muslist.”

We sprawled out in the sun recently to dig into her yoga bag — right next to the orange tree I gave her for her last birthday. Her headquarters sanctuary is full of trees, flowers, fruits, herbs, and vegetables that Rainbeau herself planted with love and care. Everything her bag holds has been chosen with the same heart-centered orientation.

mala necklace, hafiz, burt's bees, prada, prayer card, yoga bag, rainbeau mars

What’s in Your Yoga Bag with Rainbeau Mars:

1. orange embroidered handbag — india // 2. hybrid keys — toyota prius // 3. passport // 4. sunglasses — prada // 5. roses, peonies, hydrangeas — mother’s day gift // 6. eko mat (acai) — manduka // 7. tahitian pearl necklace // 8. cherry honey throat drops — ricola // 9. collection of healing stones // 10. prayer card — free download at // 11. shamanic peacock fan for moving energy — mt. shasta // 12. golden eagle medallion — a gift from rainbeau’s teacher, shaman juan ruiz naupari // 13. thank you card — kauai artist troy carney // 14. the gift — hafiz // 15. personal journal // 16. photo of her daughter // 17. green cross pendant // 18. rainforest leaf necklace — brazil // 19. palo santo holy stick incense — new age source // 20. jewish heart-star necklace — aish center // 21. avocado // 22. super glossy lip shine (nectar nude) — burt’s bees // 23. ra’yoka dvd — rainbeau mars // 24. rainbeau mars lifestyles cleanse/superstar glow/events flier // 25. mala necklace — india // 26. rainbow pouch — a gift from her mother // 27. torch — blackberry; anti-radiation earhook headset — envi // 28. lakshmi skidless yoga mat towel (poppy) — yogitoes

Rainbeau’s passport is indicative of her outlook on unity, “We are all citizens of the world. At the core, we’re all the same.” She’s wildly excited about the recent approval of her 10-year Indian visa. Understandably so!  I love that she uses a photo of her daughter as a bookmark. The mala beads carry a sweet (and hilarious) story. Rainbeau was in India, discovered the necklace and wanted to buy three of them — one for her daughter, her mother, and herself. She didn’t have enough rupees, so she asked the seller if he’d take partial payment in trade — her Ra’yoKa DVD. He asked if it was meditation and she said, “No, it’s a yoga DVD.” He wasn’t having that and said NO. (I cracked up at this part of the story!) Lucky for Rainbeau, three young girls offered to buy the third necklace as a gift. So beautiful + generous.

yoga teacher rainbeau mars mala necklace india

This is a page from Rainbeau’s journal — lovely metallic ink sketches and words of manifestation:

love healing eyes heart sun light yoga love

How cute is it that she has rainbow checks?!

yoga rainbeau mars martial arts

Rainbeau mentioned that her new favorite color is green. The last time we hung out, it was purple. As she says, “Picking one favorite color is like choosing a favorite from seven kids. I love them all!” That’s Rainbeau. All traditions, all colors, all religions, all beings. All love.

you can find rainbeau at and

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  1. AngelaP says:

    #14: My absolute favorite book on the entire planet. Any friend of Hafiz is a friend of mine. “Even after all this time, the sun never says to the Earth, ‘you owe me.’ Look what happens with a love like that. It lights up the whole sky.” ~Hafiz (from above book)

  2. OmChantress says:

    Looks like I’m going to have to start carrying around avocados if I want any kind of yoga street cred!

  3. FlyingYogini says:

    Ok, clearly I need to get some funky Indian purse. Hers is amazing as was Kia’s.

  4. Love the collection of goodies – like East meets West in a bag!

  5. Tui says:

    Ooh, carrying stones in yourbag is a great idea! I’ll be taking my favourites with me first thing tomorrow!

    I really really love these bag posts! :)