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Peacock Pose // Peacock Clothes (look inspiration!)

[ 9 ] August 17, 2012 |

peacock pose peacock leggings yoga

One bird struts, spreads its glorious plumage, and attracts attention like no other: the peacock. This majestic creature symbolizes renewal and immortality. I love them because they remind us that showing your true colors is beautiful, that you should be proud to open yourself up and shine in all your richly-hued glory.

Mayurasana (Peacock Pose) is just as eye-catching as its avian namesake. Case in point:

black milk yoga leggings// peacock leggings + photo: black milk clothing //

Any of the peacock-inspired gems in the collection above will wear nicely to yoga or flying the streets. How cute are the gent undergarments?! Rather peacocky, wouldn’t you say? I’ll be scooping up the swoony tunic/minidress and am inspired to try the peacock mani. Also: the yoga bag from Indego Africa — a non-profit org supporting women-owned businesses in Rwanda by sharing their amazing handcrafted goods.

Shake ya tailfeather!


Peacock Pose // Peacock Clothes (look inspiration):

1. cindy peacock print leggings - boohoo // 2. men’s peacock envy tee – kleeve // 3. teal peacock yoga bag - indego africa // 4. peacock pyrite ring – adina mills design // 5. pink peacock undies – honeydew // 6. flex 360 boxer brief (black/aqua) – adidas // 7. peacock floral dress – romwe // 8. peacock nails – lena chavira for hello giggles



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  1. Svasti says:

    Ha! This is a post designed to get the attention of a certain South African-born, Australian-resident yoga teacher if ever I saw one! ;)

    • lo says:

      Girl, you got me! :D I love that bag and the motivation behind it. And I so much LOVE supporting these types of initiatives.


  2. rebecca says:

    pink peacock panties, please! and you have to say that three times, fast, b4 wearing ;)

  3. I like the panties and the ring. Now that would be a nice outfit ;)


  4. Those undies are adorable!!! LOVE the new (to me, at least!!!) site, especially the Erich Shiffmann post!!

  5. Arlet says:

    Obsessed with anything peacock these days!