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Inventive Mandala Art (collection)

[ 10 ] October 9, 2012 |

mandala collection unusual recycled sand mandala graffiti garden

Mandala is the Sanskrit word for circle, though this is a simplified translation. These works of sacred art are symbolic of much, much more — the universe, wholeness, the collective consciousness, unity. Their history is deeply colorful + rich and certainly worth learning about (I encourage you to read up on it!). Carl Jung called the mandala a “graphical representation of Self.” Jungian therapy includes the spontaneous drawing of mandalas, a technique to reach deep into the core.

The goosebumps-giving collection above is a set of my favorite innovative mandalas, made with unusual materials and/or constructed in a fascinating (and beautiful!) manner:

  1. Technological Mandala – made of electronic components // by Leonardo Ulian
  2. Garden Mandala – a floral explosion/expression! // by Joseph Duba
  3. One Truth Mandala – house graffiti in Zurich, Switzerland // by the One Truth Crew
  4. Coca-Cola Plastic Bottle Mandala – artistic recycling // by Ilah Barnes
  5. Latte Foam Mandala – too pretty to drink! // via the Mandala Project, artist unknown
  6. Sand Mandala – covering the streets of New York // by Joe Mangrum

Also, don’t miss this lovely video from Cosmoctopus wherein he creates his Vibrance Mandala:

how to make a mandala video


Which one is your favorite?



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  1. Keishua says:

    These rock! I love the latte one. It’s almost too pretty to drink!

  2. When I was a kid, my Mom would buy me coloring books of mandalas like Cosmoctopus’ ~ I would get lost for hours, even days in them! In fact I wish I had one now…


  3. Patrick says:

    Great article!

    I remember coloring mandalas in art class at high school, also made a mandala from the fibonacci spiral in math class later, my teacher held it in front of the class, worked on it for hours the day before. That both had a great impact on me, I am now making logos with mandala inspired forms at work. Connecting the dots looking backwards is pretty great some “butterfly” effects explain my life now.


    • lo says:

      artistic exposure at a young age is so important! we’re busy collecting creative gems that will evolve as we grow up. :)

  4. So says:

    Does the mandala from the video count? If yes, then that one is my favorite. If I have to pick out of the other six, then I would go with the coffee one – since it allows very little margin of error! :-)

    • lo says:

      it certainly does. how amazing is the vid?! it makes me smile + i feel so calm while watching it. it sticks with you. :)

  5. ntathu allen says:

    beautiful. You truly are a starlight worker