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What’s in Your Yoga Bag? with Jay Co

[ 4 ] August 1, 2012 |

what's in yoga teacher jay co's yoga bag

Jay Co has a rule: when you share salt + pepper packets, as they are wont to do during picnic-style lunches at his outdoor yoga teacher training, you must make the packets dance. And you have to hum the riff to Salt-N-Pepa’s iconic Push It. His sense of humor, ease of being, and bowl-you-over generosity — Jay’s charity work is massively inspiring — make you want to know him.

One hundred percent of the tuition for his current teacher training offering is being gifted to Charity Water. The non-profit organization is dedicated to building wells and providing clean water sources within developing nations. When asked to describe what it means to be able to give in this manner, Jay’s eyes sparkle. He notes that this is “the true experience of wealth. It makes you feel really rich.”

organization for clean water wells

So what does a guy who majored in Biology at Georgetown (minors: Eastern Philosophy + Theater), performed martial arts stunts in Jet Li and Jackie Chan films, and now teaches yoga carry in his bag?  The essentials:

the hub los angeles yoga teacher jay co

What’s in Your Yoga Bag with Jay Co:

1. the mat (black/black) - lululemon // 2. pinda yoga backpack (blue) – saka // 3. bubble ipad case - hard candy // 4. ipad // 5. hematite protection prayer beads mala – crystal life // 6. 2nd chakra aromatherapy spray (beauty/creativity) – life aromatherapy // 7. loop safety bike light – cateye // 8. orbit bike spoke light kit – cateye // 9. hunter xt swiss army knife – victorinox // 10. sweatless terry hand towel (black) – yogitoes // 11. reusable glass water bottle – voss water // 12. earth skidless yoga towel – yogitoes

One of the most appealing things about Jay is his humor-laced honesty. In reference to the cycling gear and preferring to bike LA rather than drive: “I have terrible road rage. I just want people to pay attention.” The mala necklaces: “I felt the need for the obligatory yoga teacher mala.” And yet he liked the one so much, he bought a second, “for balance,” and wears one on each wrist. As to the badass swiss army knife: “Cause you never know!” We fully bonded over our love of The Mat, which wraps up brilliantly in his Saka bag-pack. Jay’s iPad is chock full of books, his writing, and teacher training materials. His yoga bag is truly a study in pared-down perfection.

The painted toes (Opi – Alpine Snow) of a grounded, graceful, generous soul:

jay co's toes opi alpine show nail polish

“Yoga is about exploring and finding the best parts of you.” — Jay Co

you can find jay at he teaches power yoga at the hub in west la.

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  1. Patrick says:

    …second mala for balance… like that idea!

    army knifes are great, especially those with a scissor.

    • lo says:

      i dug that, too! he winds them around each wrist — they look neat, along with being spiritually significant. :)

  2. Tui says:

    Cool toes! I need to try white polish too! And I too loved the balanced malas-idea!

    Could you do a post about malas sometime? I’m looking to buy one, but haven’t found “the one” yet! Any tips how I can determine which one is for me? :)