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HOW TO: Mandala Pumpkin (holiday DIY!)

[ 7 ] October 31, 2012 |

how to mandala pumpkin halloween diy holiday

how to mandala pumpkin art

Mandalas can take shape in so many inspiring forms. Pumpkins provide a fun, festive, creative canvas! Make a pumpkin mandala with me, learn more about mandalas, and open yourself up to the meditation that is art. This holiday DIY is easy-peasy and safe (no carving!) — ladies and gents, start your pumpkins…

mandala pumpkin art supplies

You’ll Need:

How To Make A Mandala Pumpkin:

pumpkin art

1. Pick a base color for your mandala pumpkin and spray paint it. Follow the spraying + drying directions on the can. (The Camouflage Black that I used dries to a gorgeous matte in only 15 minutes. Good for impatient artists!)

make a mandala circle from tissue paper

2. Fold the tissue paper in half and cut a half-circle.

cut out mandala shapes

3. Fold the tissue paper in half multiple times and begin cutting shapes into it. (This is exactly like making “snowflakes” when you were a kid!) When you unfold the paper, you’ll have a beautiful + symmetrical design. Voila! A mandala!

roll tape the mandala art paper

4. Tear off strips of the artist tape, roll it up, and stick it ’round the back of the tissue paper.

mandala how to halloween pumpkin art

5. Place the design over your pumpkin, artfully draping it and securing the tape with pressure. The tissue paper will overlap in places — this is ok and makes for a more organic design.

spray paint your pumpkin art

6. Spray paint your accent color(s) on the tissue-covered pumpkin. Good heavenly pumpkin patch, this is fun! I did mine with varying pressure and spurts to create an ombre effect.

7. Let the pumpkin dry completely. Carefully remove the tissue paper, unveiling your pumpkin mandala!

how to make a mandala pumpkin holiday halloween diy art home

Now THIS is a cool pumpkin and a unique mandala.


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  1. This is awesome! My house is undecorated for Halloween this year, but I will get my pumpkin up in time for the trick or treators!!!


    • lo says:

      yay! it also works for fall, winter, thanksgiving, christmas, kwanzaa, anything — just alter the color scheme! :D

  2. Smriti says:

    Funky, punky pumpkin!

  3. So says:

    Swooned, then shared after recovering! :-)