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HOW TO: Studded Napkin Rings (recycle your yoga mat!)

[ 7 ] November 19, 2012 |

how to make napkin rings diy studded

studded napkin rings diy yoga mat

Chic studded napkin rings created with yoga mats? Seeing is believing! I dreamed these up with the approaching holidays in my heart. Holiday, special occasion, or just for you, these make for an eye-catching place setting. You can dazzle your guests with the divulgence that you DIY’d them! Or simply beam with pleasure when they ask where-oh-where you found this particular fabulosity.

how to make napkin holders

You’ll Need:

  • yoga mat (washed + dried thoroughly)
  • brass pyramid studs (i used 3/8″ in gold)
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • pencil

How To Make Napkin Rings With A Yoga Mat:

studded napkin rings

1. Measure, mark, and cut out the bodies of your napkin rings. Mine are 7 1/4″ long, creating a ring 2″ in diameter. The height you choose will be based on whether you prefer a slim or chunky look AND the number of studs you’d like to have. I made two sizes so you can see the difference. The chocolate napkin ring is 2″ in height — this perfectly accommodates five 3/8″ studs. The orange napkin ring is 1 5/8″ in height, which perfectly fits four 3/8″ studs.

Tip: If your mat isn’t the color you’d like your napkin rings to be, you can paint it! Do this before cutting and allow the mat to dry completely.

yoga mat napkin rings

2. Begin on the top end and poke in one prong. Make sure the top of the stud is flush with the top of the mat. Continue adding studs until you reach the end. As most mats are made of rubbery materials, if you make a mistake, you can re-poke and poke again! (Ideally, you’ll want to have the end of the mat align with the middle of the stud after poking it through — the other napkin ring end will bend around and you’ll be poking the other prong through so they meet and seal.)

studded napkin holders

ways to recycle your yoga mat

3. Bend the mat around, making a ring. Poke each prong’s remaining side through the mat. Perfect alignment will take a bit of tweaking here and there. Fold the prongs in — one side, then the other — to close and seal the napkin ring. (It helps to wrap tissue around your “pushing finger” to pad it against the poky prongs!) Press down firmly so they don’t catch on your linens.

studded napkin rings diy upcycle your yoga mat

Ready for your table! Bling a ding ding.


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  1. Could be a cool bracelet too…


  2. ntathu allen says:

    You are sooo amazingly superduppa creative!