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HOW TO: Make Confetti (recycle your yoga mat!)

[ 4 ] May 2, 2012 |

yoga mat diy confetti

how to make yoga mat confetti with an old yoga mat

Last week was my birthday. I celebrate each one for a full month (one day is hardly enough to be queen of everything) and am feeling flirtatiously festive! I dreamed up this yoga mat confetti project between daydreams of strawberry vegan cupcakes with fluffy piles of frosting. While paper confetti is a party classic, confetti made by recycling your old yoga mat = FUNfetti. It’s eco-lovely, an easy DIY, and there are unlimited uses for it.

funfetti supplies

You’ll Need:

  • old yoga mat(s), 1/8″ thick or less (washed and dried thoroughly)
  • heart punch 1/4″ (you can use any shape you like!)

How To Make Confetti With a Yoga Mat:

punch shapes in yoga mat

1. Begin punching shapes. You can use any punch you like — circles, rectangles, stars; there are many options out there. I’m partial to hearts. Make sure to keep each punch close to the next so you get the most out of your mat. My heart punch is from Fiskars and it cuts like a dream. Depending on how sticky your mat is, you’ll need to empty the collection slot every five punches or so. It’s slow-going, so consider it an opportunity to be absorbed in the present moment.

diy yoga mat confetti hearts

How cute are these?!

recycle your yoga mat

2. Once you have a collection of confetti punched, find creative places to sprinkle it:

envelope confetti

Inside envelopes. . .

confetti party

a colorful party is waiting to pounce on the lucky recipient!

pink and orange heart confetti

Ask your friends and family for their old mats = more colors for your palette!

gift packaging

Sprinkle it inside gift bags — looks like vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles!

reuse yoga mat rainbow confetti

You can also: toss the mat funfetti at parties, give a jar or envelope as a gift, and use it to bedazzle (confettidazzle?) crafty projects. The possibilities are endless…and endlessly playful.

Get punching!

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  1. Love this idea! And Crane stationary is definitely my fave; both of my G-mothers used the classic paisley pattern, which I still adore.


    • lo says:

      You are so posh! ;) I love Crane, as well and putting my heart confetti inside makes sending sweets so much more fun.

  2. ntathu allen says:

    you are soooo it!