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Heart Yoga (collection)

[ 3 ] February 11, 2013 |

heart opening yoga fashion

The heart wants what the heart wants. Sometimes, this means heart-printed yoga leggings, an anatomically correct pencil holder, or a practice that taps the depths of your anahata chakra. Who needs Cupid when you can shoot + catch your own arrows?!

Heart Yoga Collection:

  1. Heart Print Yoga Leggings – Delia’s // cute crops in so-soft terry. ($24.50 or 2/$30)
  2. Heart Ice Pack Bag – Ice Aid // way too cute + can be used cold or warm! put it on achy spots, boo-boos, and sore muscles. ($12)
  3. Tantric Love Tee – NeatoShop // unisex + feminine fits in 11 color choices. a cool and unique design! ($15)
  4. Anatomical Heart Pencil Holder – NeatoShop // how funky is this?! can be used as a pen/pencil holder or an oh-so-cool vase. ($20)
  5. Reusable Heart Shopping Tote – Tapp Collections // perfect for toting sweaty yoga clothes home from the studio. easy to wash in heavy-duty poly. an eco-friendly shopping bag (no paper! no plastic!) with a hearty heart print. ($9)
  6. Tie-Dye Heart Yoga Pants – Groovy Blueberry Clothing // hand-dyed, brightly-hued, in sizes S to XL. ($55)
  7. Yoga From the Heart with Seane Corn – Yoga Journal // seane is famous for her heart-opening yoga flows. ($13)
  8. Journey to the Heart: Daily Meditations on the Path to Freeing Your Soul – Melody Beattie // straightforward, clear, heartfelt daily meditations. ($9)


Listen to your heart(s)!



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  1. From the heart, this post is! (I’m feeling a little yoDa this morning) ;) Thanks for the love!

  2. Jon Cohen says:

    Hot choice!! These pants come in sooooo many colors!!

  3. arlet says:

    adorable and fun! <3 <3 <3 (except for the pen holder– that's creppy… but cool)