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Halloween + Yoga (collection)

[ 2 ] October 29, 2012 |

halloween yoga wear yoga clothing skeletons skulls spiders ghosts

Halloween is a BIG bucket of fun. People love wearing their costumes anywhere they can get away with doing so. It’s an awesome way to rediscover your gleeful inner kid! Each year I see a few fun-loving yogis + yoginis rocking zany makeup or kooky getups to yoga class on All Hallows’ Eve. If that’s not your steezy, you can still be festive in a chill sort of way. This Halloween Collection can be worn studio or street — and looks coolio year-round.

  1. Skeleton Sweater - Asos // the perfect pullover for an anatomy fiend. so cute + warm!
  2. Skeleton Hands Headband - Janine Basil // creeperishly cool.
  3. We’re Here for the Boo’s Men’s Halloween Tee - PersonaliT’s // cheeky, swoony guy gear.
  4. Men’s Yoga Pant - Be Present // for ninjas and badasses. these have excellent reviews — dudes dig ‘em.
  5. Tattoo Art Silk Scarf - Catherine Masi // i am head-over-witchy-heels in love with this gorgeously haunting scarf.
  6. Candy Corn Nails DIY - Swatch and Learn // yum! this nail art is so cute. diy it!
  7. Sugar Skull Booty Shorts - Caustic Threads // for the hot yoga honeys. put your bangin’ booties in these cuties.
  8. Skeleton Hoodie - Holiday T-Shirts // doesn’t try too hard. simply cool.
  9. Katela Bat Print Leggings - Missguided // fun + unexpected. they feel a little Gotham and Batman-y.


May your pumpkin pail overflow with Halloween goodies!



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  1. So says:

    Awesome collection – check out this one from MyPersonaliTs as well – if I’d seen this one earlier, I’d have ordered it fo’ sho’!
    Anyway, I’m going to be Jack Skellington (sans the suit) this Halloween – how about you? :-) Cheerio!