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HOW TO: Studded Flip-Flops (fashion DIY!)

[ 4 ] June 27, 2012 |

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Studded accessories are everywhere and for good reason — studs are super chic! With a teensy bit of elbow grease, creativity, and a few bucks ($4ish), a pair of flip-flops can be elevated to va-va-voom status.

decorate flip flops sandals thongs

You’ll Need:

How To:

studded thongs diy

1. Plan out your design. You can eyeball the placement (I have a keen eye, so I wing it!) or you can measure and mark. Squeeze the prongs of each stud inward with your fingers. It’s a little uncomfortable, but it secures the stud enough to be clamped down evenly.

fashion diy studs

2. Wrap tissue around one side of your flat pliers and secure with tape — this ensures that the clamping process won’t scratch the top of the stud. Then clamp each stud firmly with your pliers. Make sure the prongs are completely folded in and smooth, so that they don’t poke the tops of your feet!

The back will look like this when firmly attached:

decorative flip flops

3. Sit back and admire your handiwork!

bling sandals

how to make blingy flip flops

4. To make flip-flops with COLORFUL studs, I use sharpies for “painting.” The studs retain their metallic look and gain gorgeous bright coloring.

how to dye with sharpies

5. Pick your color(s) and color each stud. You’ll achieve a more even coat if you do all your strokes in the same direction. Color halfway down the outside of each prong. Let the studs dry for at least 2 hours.

paint studs with sharpies

6. Once you have your army of studs, place, fold, and clamp each one in place. Don’t fret if, during the clamping, a bit of the sharpie color rubs off. You can easily touch them up.


dip dye flip flops studs

sandals studded

women's thongs

Wear, enjoy, and collect the lovely, certain-to-come compliments! :)

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  1. in a word: brilliant!

  2. Hello!!! These are hooot, OK, hot. They aren’t for owls…


    • lo says:

      that’s my next diy — flip-flops for owls. ;) or perhaps studded anklets. owls do enjoy their bling.