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frequently awesome questions. answered.

Q: when you say namastilo is a ‘portmanteau,’ what in fresh hell does that mean?
A: portmanteau = the combining of words to create a new word. i.e., a remix.

Q: may i share your posts?
A: absolutely! i am humbled by the love shown. please note that all my content, be it writing, photos, or other, is copyrighted and must be attributed and credited with a link to the original post at namastilo. you are welcome to include a short excerpt and a photo. you may NOT copy my posts, take my photos, and repost. this is known as ‘scraping’ or stealing, plain and simple. namastilo is a labor of love and my original work. respect this. i am protected by DMCA and represented by a team of LA intellectual property + copyright attorneys. do contact me if you have any questions.

Q: are you ever going to come out of the yoga prop closet and show us your face?
A: although i do maintain status as an international girl of mystery, i fully intend to come out and play. i shall see you soon, when our eyes meet across a crowded room computer screen.

Q: what kind of camera do you use?
A: most of the time, i’m shooting with my Canon EOS 7D and a variety of lenses. in a pinch (or when feeling rather lazy), i use a Sony Cyber-Shot or my iPhone.

Q: do you teach yoga?
A: no. i laugh hyena-like when people trip or fall, patience isn’t one of my virtues, and i am a flagrant expletive-flinger.

Q: how would you describe yourself?
A: sir mix a lot says i have an LA face with an Oakland booty.