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HOW TO: Party Crackers (made from a paper towel tube!)

[ 4 ] December 31, 2012 |

diy party crackers

diy party crackers party poppers

We ALWAYS party like it’s nineteen-ninety-awesome. My saucy soirees are made all the more dazzling with the grand appearance of party crackers. Traditionally, these fun-filled dowels are given out on New Year’s Eve or Christmas, but you can share ‘em with lucky loved ones any time you like. And why buy when you can make + stuff your own?! It all begins with a paper towel or toilet paper tube…

how to make party crackers

You’ll Need:

How To Make Party Crackers:

party poppers diy

1. Cut your paper towel roll into 3 sections to make 3 party crackers. (If you’re using a toilet paper roll, this will make 1 cracker.) Then, cut each of these into 2 parts.

party crackers how to make diy party favors

2. Loosely tape each of your two cracker pieces together again. Tape on “front” and “back” sides. Pack your treasures inside the crackers.

celebration crackers how to

3. With the goodie/gift in the center, pack each side of the cracker with festive stuffing — confetti, rubber band animals, pom pom balls, anything pretty + fun!

how to make celebration crackers

4. Place your cracker at the end of a strip of tissue paper and roll it up. Tape once to hold and tie off each end. Fluff tissue ends so the crackers look like big pieces of candy!

party crackers make

5. Carefully make a little starter slit through the tissue paper + paper towel roll — this makes it MUCH easier to crack open the cracker.

toilet paper roll crafts

Ta-da! Your very own celebration crackers!

party on party crackers


Party on, yo.


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  1. Par-tay! Love these, what a great idea!


  2. Elise says:

    These are festive & fun!