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Cobra Pose // Snakeskin Sandals (look inspiration!)

[ 8 ] May 21, 2012 |

snakeskin sandals snake print gladiators

Snakes often get a bad rap, but thankfully not in yoga or fashion — we celebrate their beauty, sleekness, and grace. Ssssslipping on pair of (faux!) snakeskin / snake print sandals is a ssssubtle way to ssssexify and chic up any outfit. Wear them to yoga and get yourself in the mood for Cobra Pose!

The first two options above are vegan-friendly. I love the aquamarine watery colors of the first. The second pair was a must snap-up. Like our serpentine friends, I am charmed by all things bright, gold, and shiny. Pair three is from Alice and Olivia; love the demure styling meets look-at-me snakeskin.

Which pair is your sssstyle?


Cobra Pose // Snakeskin Sandals (look inspiration):

Top to bottom: 1. jamaica flat sandals ($$) - dune // 2. gold serpent ankle strap sandals ($$) – matisse // 3. bella painted snake sandals ($$$) – alice and olivia. cobra pose photo credit: diva yoga



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  1. rebecca says:

    sssssso cute!

  2. Before I saw your post this am, I was all set to break out my faux snakey sandals, but alas, being New England, its rainy and cool. Sigh.


  3. Tui says:

    I really love the first ones and the second ones are so cool because they look like snake! Would buy!