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Bargain Hunter: $20 yoga pants!

[ 8 ] July 11, 2012 |

yoga pants collection inexpensive cheap

Piggy bank quiet when you shake it? Saving up for something important? Not interested in spending $$$ on yoga pants? I have you covered — literally! All the picks in this collection are $20 or less and come in a wide range of sizes. They’re a bargain for your booty.

The first pair, from Old Navy, comes in sizes XS to XXL. Alloy, who carries the cheery purple-on-purple fold-overs, offers sizes XXS to XXXL. The leopard waist pants are a mere $11.50 and the lace-banded pair (in fuchsia above) is a 2-for-$30 deal!

( mindful tip ) The flipside of scoring inexpensive yoga pants: they may wear out quickly, the fabric might not feel as luxurious as, say, a bamboo blend, and the manufacturer may not have the most eco- or human-friendly practices.

1. boot-cut yoga pants ($16.50) - old navy // 2. purple contrast foldover pant ($14.99) - alloy // 3. leopard waist pants ($11.50) - go jane // 4. lace waistband pant ($19.50 or 2 for $30) - delia’s // 5. neon green waistband athletic capris ($17.80) - forever 21 // 6. colorblocked athletic pants ($19.80) - forever 21 // 7. heart print yoga pants ($17.99) - xhilaration // 8. see number 6 for details // 9. rainbow yoga pant ($13.99) - basic essentials


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  1. I have to say, I have both Old Navy & Lulu pants. While I like Lulu’s, they tend to be very hot. My ON pants are cooler and have held up easily as well as Lulu’s.

    As for the less eco- & -human part, that is always a quandary. But the more $$$ brands don’t always have great business practices either in perhaps different ways, and it spending too much on yoga pants isn’t always healthy for us personally.

    • lo says:

      this is thoughtful + helpful feedback, M! i worded my mindful tip carefully, using “may”, as low cost and high quality aren’t mutually exclusive. the same goes for other variations.

  2. Susan says:

    I appreciate that you included pants that are actually plus size. All the big name brands stop at XL (14/16) and excludes a huge portion of people who practice. I have been wearing old navy brand for a while, and I really like them. I don’t have a lot of choices or a lot to compare them to, but I’ve been pleased.

    • lo says:

      i hear you, Susan! one of my initiatives here at namastilo is to represent for ALL bodies, as well as both sexes. so expect to see LOTS more content focused on clothing with a broad range of sizes and options for men, too! xo

  3. Arlet says:

    I LOVE Old Navy yoga pants and tops… have tons. The Gap has good stuff too. When I want to treat myself, I’ll head to lulu, but for day to day, it’s ON all the way!

    • lo says:

      it’s so great to hear that you’ve found something that works perfectly for you! old navy has a relatively wide yoga selection and they’re accessible in terms of pricing. all good things!

  4. Tui says:

    Thank you for this! It always seems yoga pants cost a fortune!

    I really love the rainbow ones! :)