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Camel Pose // Camel Scarf (look inspiration!)

[ 8 ] April 30, 2012 |

camel pose camel scarf by virginia johnson becksondergaard

Thirsting for a whimsically chic accessory? I’m taking a cue from Camel Pose and tossing on my camel-print scarf! If this doesn’t remind you to stay up on your yoga backbends, I’m not sure what will. The crisp neck-adorner on the left is from Virginia Johnson and hotter than the sand in the parched desert (it sells out regularly). I love the natural-looking fringe on the Becksondergaard scarf (right) and the bold, eye-catching camels.

When was the last time you saw someone rocking a camel scarf? That’s right. Be different. Stand out. Do your thing. Just don’t spit on anyone. Did you know that camel comes from the Arabic word for beauty? Love it.

Camel Pose // Camel Scarf (look inspiration):

1. lightweight merino wool camel scarf ($$$) - virginia johnson // 2. rosewood pink camel scarf ($$) – becksondergaard. camel pose photo credit: zogayoga



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  1. Emmanuelle says:

    Of course, I am going for the most expensive one. But pink camels! orange camels! That said, I like the Becksondergaard too. Oh my head, going to explode from all the camel cuteness! Or I’m gonna cry again, can’t stop these days :D

    • lo says:

      i hear you, sister. i have a split personality — a knack for choosing luxury items, and yet the uncontrollable glee that arises when i score a bargain makes me giddy. ;)

  2. Dyamond says:

    Maybe buying one of those will help me go deeper in that pose ;)

  3. “Camel” is Arabic for beauty? OK, I definitely didn’t see that coming! Maybe they will be the next animal trend to replace owls?

    • lo says:

      you know, owls were so ubiquitous in the 70s. then they reappeared around 2003 and took the world by storm. if owls impart wisdom, perhaps camels will bestow direction and steadfastness. ;)

  4. eliz says:

    great idea lo for style picks!! love it!