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What’s in Your Yoga Bag? with Angela Kukhahn

[ 10 ] July 18, 2012 |

what's in angela kukhahn's yoga bag

When I first met Angela Kukhahn, we were in yoga class. I noticed something interesting poking out of her bag — red, pleather, and studded. When I inquired about the item, she erupted in magically delightful laughter and pulled it out. It was a paddle! She then explained earnestly that she was subbing for a notoriously tough LA yoga teacher and had brought it along to keep his class in line. How can you not fall in adore with a girl like this?!

Not only does she have a wonderful sense of humor, Angela is one of the most cheerful, sunshiny, upbeat souls you’ll ever meet. She’s warm, caring, and fun as a frolicking filly. Her classes are a study in the complete and total expression of joy and her sequencing is nothing short of genius. She teaches at both Yogis Anonymous and YogaWorks in Los Angeles.

Angela is passionate about eco-preservation initiatives and is a supporter of Pluck Fastic, an organization whose goal is to bring a swift end to plastic pollution. Founded by super yogi (and Ang’s homie) Brock Cahill, they’re poised to do good green deeds and truly make a difference. You’ll note that Angela’s goodie bag includes a BPA-free “sippy cup.” It is always filled with water + cayenne + lemon — Angela’s own cure for plain water boredom. Zesty!

what's in your yoga bag with angela kukhahn

What’s in Your Yoga Bag with Angela Kukhahn:

1. skidless yoga towel (lapis) - yogitoes // 2. organic fuji apple // 3. brazil nuts // 4. cranberry chocolate – dolphin natural chocolates // 5. white high low tee – hard tail // 6. gift with purchase bag – clinique // 7. ipod // 8. hairzoo lip gloss // 9. flow y bra – lululemon // 10. gifted beaded bracelet // 11. french vanilla stevia – now foods // 12. vitamin c drink mix – emergen-c // 13. via ready brew (decaf italian roast) – starbucks // 14. om pant – lululemon // 15. thai yoga training manual (teacher: phoebe diftler) – white lotus // 16. coconut juice – amy & brian // 17. yoga strap – manduka // 18. angela’s yoga retreat fliers – kukhahn yoga // 19. double wall cold cup – starbucks

Between the delish vegan chocolates, brazil nuts, apple, and coconut juice, you can tell Angela is a master at fueling up. She feeds her brain just as heartily, having listened to 20+ audio books this year. LA yoga teachers spend an inordinate amount of time in the car, as all Angelenos do. Her current listen: Caroline Myss’ Advanced Energy Anatomy: The Science of Co-Creation and Your Power of Choice. If you have the chance to take Angela’s class, do so! Just make sure you behave yourself, lest you meet with her paddle. :)

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  1. Yup, that’s my fave coco juice! YUM!

  2. Wishing I was closer to LA – so many fantastic teachers out there that I would love to practice with! Thanks Angela for letting us take a peek inside your bag.
    With a name like Pluck Tastic – I’m thinking I need to head on over there and check out the good work you’re doing!

  3. I feel so honored to be featured on your blog! I guess now that the cats out of the bag on my leather paddle, yogis will be thinking twice about getting out of line in my class! hahaha! Thanks Lo!

  4. Arlet says:

    That looks like the trunk of my car. Always need that emergency yoga outfit… you never know!

    • lo says:

      Ha! I’m the same — I have three mats in my car, a skidless, a mat bag, and a hoodie. :) A yogini must always be prepared!

  5. Tui says:

    Haha, a paddle! :D I wish I could attend her classes!

    I really love these yoga bag series! :)