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7 Free Things To Do For Valentine’s Day!

[ 15 ] February 14, 2013 |

valentine's day i love you graffiti

You had me at Hello. Truffles. Roses. Romantical Meal a Deux. Complicated Undergarments.

Mmmm, not really. The best kind of love is free, unconditional, and exuberantly shared! It takes nothing more than a tittering of thought + a cup of consideration to show love, to yourself and those around you.

yoga valentine things to do yoga poses

7 Free Things To Do For Valentine’s Day:

  1. Write a gratitude list. (you’ll find there’s a ton of love in your life)
  2. Print pretty printable Valentine’s Day cards. Cut out. Give to your loves. (pencil arrow valentine + be mine valentine)
  3. Make sweets for the sweet! (peachberry granita + vegan chocolate valentine cupcakes)
  4. Free your heart energy with a powerful kundalini meditation. (projection and protection from the heart meditation + instant heart chakra opener)
  5. Practice heart-opening yoga poses like Cobra, Camel, and Up Dog. (also, check out this heart-focused sequence from sadie nardini and gaiam)
  6. Read a love poem aloud — to a loved one or to yourself! (my favorite poet of all time is e.e. cummings)
  7. Volunteer. There are so many places your love can help, heal, + uplift. (find a place to give volunteering love)


Happy Valentine’s Day. Be sweet!


// photo/art credits and links: top – new graffiti, 1 – shared journey, 2 – sweet muffin suite + camille styles, 3 – jennifer vagios + my little celebration, 4 – y is for yogini, 5 – sadie nardini, 6 – max morris, 7 – connections to success //

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  1. Lizzie says:

    Ahhh perfect… Free love! Happy heart day, hope your day is filled with hugs and loads of vegan chocolate. Um, I meant loves! xo

  2. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for sharing the PeachBerry Granita, totally making sweets for my sweet and Love the Gratitude list! We could all use one of those. Happy V-Day!

  3. All is see is chocolate….YUM YUM YUM

    Happy Valentine’s Day LOve! ♥♥♥

  4. Nayeli says:

    #3 is actually what I decided to do :-)great minds think alike Lo….great minds..

  5. Dear Mistress of Spunk and Belly Laughs,
    Happy Valentines Day! I had my sweetie give me poems read aloud for my birthday this year and it was great – he spent hours picking out poems for each day of the whole next week that represented the trajectory of our relationship. I will keep them always.
    I will do/have done this whole list recently and it’s awesome to keep in mind that LOVE IS FREE! :)